Brian Sowinski

"I know, there’s gonna be, a sunny day, that’s just for me but I’m afraid, of my own face, and scared, to find my place..."

It's Been Years

It's literally been years since I have worked on the ole Website, and in this day and age, I am not sure that there is much value to them. However, for now, I will continue to plug away, and get back to it.

Personally, in the past 2 years a lot of things have happened. Some of which I will get to in later blog posts, as I try to re-imagine this site and blog and what I want it to be. My idea is that it will be sort of a long form discussion/rant/whatever on current topics, my opinions, etc. Basically all of the things I want to rant about on Facebook, but restrain myself because of the un-moderated commenters and trolls.

Musically, in the past 2 years a lot of things have happened too! Some good and some bad, but now is the time. I find myself with more and less time for music creation, but at the same time it is something that I simply cannot avoid. So expect to see more on that front soon.

I know this post was short, vague, and complete not thrilling, but if I say it, then there's a chance I'll do it. So here's to looking forward and not back!