Brian Sowinski

"I know, there’s gonna be, a sunny day, that’s just for me but I’m afraid, of my own face, and scared, to find my place..."

Singled Out EP is trickling out to Online STORES!

So, finally got off my butt and decided to actually distribute the Singled Out EP. Originally, I just had it on Soundcloud and on the Website, but honestly, the only people who use Soundcloud are other artists for the most part, and who actually visits my website (my stats say no why am I even writing this?!?!?! LOL) Anyway, right now you can BUY the album on the Google Play Music Site AND/OR you can stream it Spotify.

For all the other ones it takes a little bit of time. Apple could literally take a month (if it gets approved). But I will update when it starts to drop in other locations. I hope you stream it, add it to your playlists, buy it, let your friends listen.

It's time for me to get to work on the full length album!